A gallery of my Digital Art
Welcome to my gallery!
I am a Dutch female artist and live in Maassluis in Holland.
I was born in 1962 in Dordrecht.
On this gallery you can see a selection of digital paintings I created in the application "Sketchclub".
In "Sketchclub" people judge each others work.
I create all my paintings in "Sketchclub". There are hundreds of brushes and you can make
everything you want and even more.
The paintings on my gallery are made on several APPLE tablets.
I started painting with the IPAD 2, After that I worked on the IPAD AIR.
And last but not least, my latest tablet is an IPAD PRO with the PRO pencil.
I have worked with several stylusses, but the PRO pencil is the best experience ever.
I also use a Nomad brush, it looks and feels like a normal brush, but you can
"paint" with this special designed brush on the screen.
I hope you enjoy visiting my gallery.

This website was last updated on February 15th 2017

Villages and houses
Oceans lakes and rivers
Deserts and forests
Snowy scenes
Still Lifes
Various paintings